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Topic-icon Removing the overhead trim handle on at 1967 PA-28-140

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1 week 4 days ago #2082

I'm trying to figure out how to remove the overhead trim handle on a 1967 PA-28 140. I want to replace the overhead plastic, and I need to remove the handle in order to put on a new piece of plastic.

Does anyone know how to do that?

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2 days 8 hours ago #2095

Yes, I do.
The trim handle is just like the door handle in that a spring clip is inserted into a slot in the handle. The clip holds the handle in position on the splined part of the door or trim shaft. Actually it prevent the handle from sliding off the splined shaft.
I use a small T shaped pick to pull the spring clip out of the handle. You will have to push up on the plastic around the trim handle to see and get at the clip. Often times you won't be able to push the plastic far enough up to see the clip, but it can be viewed using a small mirror and flashlight.
Hook the pick under the clip--which is roughly U shaped and pull. It's a spring so it may "jump" once you pull it clear of the handle.
To get a better idea of what these clips look like go to your local auto parts store and ask for some door handle clips.
To re install, there are two ways. You can install the clip in the handle and apply enough pressure to spread the clip over the tapered end fot the trim wheel shaft, or you can put the handle up into position and by using a small pair of needle nosed pliers push the clip into position.
Happy Flying

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