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Topic-icon Surefly Sim 4P Initial Feedback Archer II Mar 2020

1 month 3 weeks ago #2323

Hi Paul;
Thanks for posting your report. It's the first feed back report we've gotten. I also installed an electronic magneto (Electro Air) and I love it. The starting performance is much better and I believe it idles better. I'm sold on electronic ignition.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #2313

1977 PA28 181, 1600 SMOH
I fly the Archer approx 150 hrs per year and use the plane to fly from Vegas (VGT) to my properties in Page, AZ (PGA) and to the Florida panhandle (Milton, 2R4). I fly high level cruise 9-11K, 3 and 4 hour legs to Fla. My aim with the Surefly mag was to save some fuel in high level cruise and get easier starts. I've found the O 360 A4M difficult at best to start when hot. Also, the SIM4P can essentially be installed for life--so you can subtract future mag and install costs of the impulse mag if you plan to keep the plane.

The plane was due for an annual and 500 hr mag change out. Decided to replace the impulse mag with the SIM4P, and replace the fixed mag with new due to previous issued Champion SB (loss of power) on existing mags. Replaced 500 hr plugs with new massives and replace wire set with new--could not find in logs when the wires were new--likely when eng. was rebuilt in 2000. Surefly recommends new plugs and wire set to get full benefit of the electronic mag.

SIM4P and CHT install: 25 hours (ouch!)
1. According to the STC, the SIM must be directly connected to the battery, NOT the bus. This requires the shop to run a wire through the plane to the battery, i.e. remove panels and feed it through existing wire bundles.
2. The STC requires CHT monitoring capability. My Archer only has an EGT gauge. Shop installed a single cylinder CHT gauge.

Initial performance:
1. Engine starts are much easier, hot or cold. (Starts like a car)
2. With some leaning on the ground, the EGT runs much hotter above 1200 F on the ground with less RPM, reducing plug carbon loading--which is a constant issue with my A4M.
3. Takeoff and climb no noticeable change
4. Cruise--after leaning to peak EGT per Lycoming, the EGT peaks hotter before any roughness. Which tells me better fuel economy. I estimate a fuel savings of .5 to 1 gallon per hour so far.
Bottom line: Due to the steep install costs, consider installing the SIM4P for the long term. Note: this was the shop's first install of a Surefly mag.
Paul Haney, ATP
Owner, N5859V.


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