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Topic-icon January 2019 Survey Question: Does your Piper have a Nickname?

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5 months 1 week ago #1679

Our January 2019 e-Newsletter asked the following question:

Does your Piper have a nickname?

The following are the rankings of the results:

1. Yes. 62%
2. No. 38%

Here are the additional comments:

• 'Lis Deuce Coup, lol. Got a decal of one on each side of the cowling. Named her that cause her top end is near 140, like in the song.

• Jersey Boy: Tells when and where I grew up.

• Mikey, he was already named when the adoption went through. It has to do with his call sign ending in MA.

• Pepper.

• Warrior Princess. I was going to call her Princess, but decided that's too girly (I'm female). Since she's a Warrior, it seemed natural to call her Warrior Princess instead. Reflects the fighting spirit we both have!

• The Babe! No story.

• Smokey Turtle. My call sign is Smoke, my plane is a Cherokee 140/160. The pilots in my group fly RVs, which are substantially faster than my Cherokee and they called us “Turtle”. So, we embraced it; hence, Smokey Turtle.?

• My mother-in-laws name, Sophie, in honor of her support of our flying.

• Miss Kimmy, AKA wife.

• Mickey Mouse. N81MM.

• Blue Betty.

• "Miss Sara" is the name of our 2000 Saratoga. She seems to like it!

• Free Bird. No, it wasn’t a free plane— still paying on it 14 years later! But it gives me the freedom to escape the bounds of Earth and enjoy the view from above!

• Not difficult.....Snuffy.

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