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Topic-icon Fuel Managment

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1 year 7 months ago #1109


I'm flight instruction a gentleman in his 1967 PA-32-300. I curious how experienced Cherokee 6 pilots manage thier fuel.

Right now I'm thinking of burning thusly: There are of course have 4 tanks holding: 17, 25, 25 and 17, gallons respectivly. Burn an hour from the left and right mains as the POH recommends, then burn an hour from each tip, then if needed back to the mains and run those dry if needed?

I'm not advocating or teaching pilots to burn thier tanks dry every flight, but if inadvertently caught in an IFR situation that demanded extended range, I like to learn and study my options on the ground, to apply later if needed.

Any constructive advice would be appreciated, Dave Wacker

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