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Topic-icon 1974 Piper Cherokee Arrow II Hangar Find!

  • Eric Parks
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9 months 4 weeks ago #1959

Sounds like you got a deal if you don't mind a bit of hands on work. I'm jealous of the air conditioning!

How are the repairs coming?

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  • Brenton Haskell
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1 year 3 months ago #1774

Great deal! Have fun getting it in shape.

The following user(s) said Thank You: Bradley Goodbread

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  • Bradley Goodbread
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1 year 3 months ago #1773

Last month, I just bought a 1974 Piper Cherokee Arrow II. The Owner died 9 years ago and it has been hangared ever since. I have been going through it and getting it ready to Fly. I am a first time plane buyer. I think that I got a smoking deal on it at $10,000 as I found the receipt for the Garmin 430W that was installed for $12,500 just before the owner passed away. I had an Aircraft mechanic go through it for about 5 hours and he said that it was in great condition. We even jacked it up and cycled the Landing Gear 6 times and all was well. He said most of what I need to Repair/Replace is due to the 9 year Nap that it took. We made a List and I am getting started on it. I just know that I will need help from the Piper Community, so Thank You in Advance! Here are the details:

Serial Number: 28R-7435210
TT = 4757
SMOH = 970
Prop = Hartzell, 0 SMOH, Brand New
Air Conditioning
Paint = 8/10
Interior = 6.5/10

Suggestions & Findings of Mechanic
Has Chrome Jugs
Auto Pilot Working
All Logs Books, Including Pilots Log Book
Garmin 430W with Auto Pilot
Tires and many Hoses need to be Replaced due to Time
Mags Need to be Rebuilt due to Time
Spark Plugs/Fluid Change/Filters Changed
Rear Muffler Needs Replaced
HVAC Drier/Receiver Missing
ELT Missing
Alt Air Cable froze
Co-Pilot Left Master Cylinder Leaking
Brake Hoses Old
One Lower Spar Cap Cover Missing
Door Hinges need replacing
Bottom Beakon Inop
Pitch/Trim Clutch worn out
Dome Overhead Lights Inop
Replace old Rapco Vacuum Pump
Fresh Annual

It is a real Pale Blue (Imron Baffin Blue) with Light Blue (Imron Big Bad Blue) and Maroon Accents/Trim (Very 1970's LOL) and a Light Blue/Gray Velvet Interior. I also applied for a change for the N Number - New Number will be N323BG. I look forward to the project, the enjoyment of Piper Ownership and Flying and the Camaraderie.


Brad Goodbread


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