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1 week 1 day ago #2666

Welcome! Let us know if we can help in any way.
Blue skies,
Jennifer Dellenbusch

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  • George Henning
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1 week 1 day ago #2662

Hi Steve,
Thank you for the kind welcome!
Yes, I’ve learned a lot so far just paging thru the site!
You ask about my airplane choice...
I’m so old I got to see one of the very first Seneca’s with about 10 hours of tach time on her.
I grew up just west of Chicago and had the unique and wonderful opportunity as a young lad to work for a local Piper Distributor as a lineboy in the early 70’s.
During high school I worked part time at Elgin Airport for Tufts-Edgecumbe Inc.
Mr. Edgecumbe was a personal friend of Mr. Piper and owned and operated his Distributorship sending airplanes to dealers all over the Midwest.
I was so fortunate to begin my flying there, many of the airplanes would arrive with just enough time to get to Elgin from Lock Haven or Vero Beach.
Elgin also had a booming Piper Flight School, Piper Maintenance Repair Station and very active Charter Operation.
I first saw the Seneca as our senior salesman, Mr. Roy Levitt, taxied onto the FBO Ramp one sunny afternoon!
She was beautiful, green and white as I recall. Looking a bit strange, different, but very sleek!
Very unique...
Years later I flew the Seneca II to obtain my ATP and now own a III.
Elgin was a great place to learn how to fly! Along with the Seneca, Mr. Edgecumbe was one of the first to get the PA-28 Piper FlightLiner Trainer, in Red, and the P Navajo!
Some of you may recall the name Marion Jayne of “The Ninety-Nines” fame.
Mrs. Jayne owned and flew a very pretty Twin Comanche CR out of Elgin.
I washed and ~waxed~ THAT airplane MANY times before she would go out and win speed and distance trophy’s!
Good Times!
Allotta names some of you may know from Elgin...
Art Fisher, Chief Pilot
Don Springer, Airplane Salesman
Terry Boyle, CFI
Donny Waterman, CFI
Jim Shurring, CFI
Paul Whirthiemer, CFI (soloed me in a 1969 PA-28-140 named N5516U, “Hi” Mary Gasper KUNU!)
Corwin Kippenhan, CFI
Or Thomas, CFI
Ed Boben, DOM
...and all the guys in the Line Shack!
Elgin Airport closed in the mid 80’s when Mr. Edgecumbe was forced to sell... its now an industrial park.
I’m thinking the Seneca was a good choice and I’m looking forward to flying all over once we have the Vaccine. My Girlfriend is a MSN Nurse and says we all gotta be careful out there!
Thanks for the chance to visit!
Stay Safe, Fly Fun!

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1 week 1 day ago #2661

Hi George;
Your Seneca III looks like a beauty.
You can find previously published articles on the Seneca by hitting the "Piper Models" tab at the top of this page, selecting "Twin Engine Pipers" and then selecting the Seneca link.
Are you considering using your Seneca for charter ops?
Please post any maintenance or operations questions or observations on this forum.
If you'd like to write up the story on a subject such as why you chose the Seneca, what steps you took to find the "right" Seneca or what trips you like to take, the editors love to print owner written articles.
Let us know how we can help,

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  • George Henning
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1 week 6 days ago #2656

Hi All!
My name is George Henning, I’m a brand new owner of a brand new to me Beautiful Seneca III.
I recently retired from United Airlines and I’m now busy spending my children’s inheritance!
A quick shout out to Scott Sherer who was the first to welcome me over at another Pilot/ Owner Website when I was still looking for “the perfect airplane”!
I finally came to my senses and brought 34M home last week!
I’m enjoying flying the Seneca and the learning curve is straight up!
Mr. Boeing makes great airplanes and Mr. Piper isn’t far behind!
So, I’ve been visiting here and lurking for awhile now.
Been learning a lot and hope to continue.
A Thank You in advance to everyone as I continue the adventure and read and learn and fly!
Stay Safe, Fly Fun!


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