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CHRIS STATER replied to the topic 'New member' in the forum. 10 hours 57 minutes ago


The Dakota is an awesome aircraft and fit my profile very well. So far I love it. Of course there are plans to upgrade avionics (looking for opinions on this part!!), but overall it was a very clean, low time AF and engine, GNS530W, KAP-150 A/P, a turn coordinator that is flakey (thus accelerating my upgrade plan - Garmin G5 HSI which incorporates the TC functions).

I am working my way toward the 8 hours with CFI for insurance. I am signed off on High Performance and look to finish my Flight Review after 20-years during the 8 hours (prior to the purchase I was doing my refresher work in C172's). I am going super conservative on the flight review - I have read about guys who were out of aviation for 20+ years and a CFI signed them off after 3-4 hours in the air - maybe I'm slow, but there is NO WAY I would feel comfortable flying myself around after a 20 year layoff let alone my wife and kids (young adults at this point!) with so few hours. I created my own plan with a CFI that I am sticking too...

Thanks again!


Scott Kinney replied to the topic 'New member' in the forum. 22 hours 42 minutes ago

Welcome, and nice choice on the Dakota!


Scott Kinney replied to the topic 'New Member, Comanche 250' in the forum. 22 hours 45 minutes ago

Welcome aboard and welcome back to the skies!

As JJ pointed out, an aircraft that's been sitting for awhile will likely require some expenditure in the first few years of ownership. Be prepared for that first and foremost.

My personal opinion on your avionics situation - spend your money on a few quality components rather than a panel full of aging stuff which you'll have to replace in five or ten years. If you can do the full panel at once, great, as that will save you a bit of money on the install.

If your budget is restrictive, that may mean just a single quality nav/com or even just com for the time being (e.g. Garmin GNC 255 / GTR 200). Later, you can install a fancy GPS and use this radioas a backup.

If you're planning on getting an instrument rating in the near future, a current-version nav/com/gps is the way to go (e.g. Garmin GTN-650). Don't try to save a thousand bucks by installing 20-year-old GNS-430W type equipment near the end of its lifecycle.

In the area you plan to fly, you'll want ADS-B In and Out. There's too much Class B and C airspace which you will want to be around/through/over. Since you're starting from scratch, I'd get a transponder like the Garmin GTX-345; it has both In and Out, as well as a WAAS position source. You can display the ADS-B In traffic and weather on a tablet.

I believe that ADS-B devices are not going to get appreciably cheaper as the 2020 deadline approaches, and you may find it more challenging to get the work done as that date gets closer.

Check out Steve Ells' article in the March 2018 issue of Piper Flyer. It answers a lot of common ADS-B questions and provides a list of the vendors who offer ADS-B solutions.


Jason Williams replied to the topic 'Cracks in webbing of main landing gear trunnions' in the forum. yesterday

You can buy the new 5/8" stud ( 78717-02) and bushing (67026-12), along with the washers, roll pin and nut for around $700.00. A good machine shop should be able to ream and chamfer your bracket to accept the new parts.


Nik Cielo added a video. 2 days ago
AmSafe SOARS in Action

AmSafe SOARS in Action

AmSafe’s Seatbelt Airbag System (SOARS) is a universally adjustable lapbelt airbag restraint system designed to mitigate head and torso injury in...

John Orr replied to the topic 'No main alternator breaker?' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the reply. I agree with you but Piper has hidden the breaker very well if it exists on my PA28-151. And I have studied the wiring diagram from the maintenance manual. No breaker is shown. I would paste the diagram here if I could. It's on page 2H24 of the PA28 151/161 manual.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Cracks in webbing of main landing gear trunnions' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi Pete;
I suggest you remove the sidebrace stud brackets--it's an easy task in my PA24 which is also affected by the same sidebrace stud inspection as your PA 28R. Then remove the stud from the brackets and get your mechanic to find a shop that can do the fluorescent penetrant inspection or the magnaflux inspections called for in the AD. If there are cracks then you have to get a new larger stud and modify the brackets per the AD, or buy new studs and brackets.
The initial inspection does not require the purchase of anything. There may be a machine shop near where you live that can do either the fluorescent penetrant or the magniflux inspection needed. I believe all aircraft engine shops have the tooling to perform the magnaflux inspections.
If you don't find any cracks, re install the stud in the brackets and re install. Fly for another 500 hours and repeat. There were no cracks in either of my studs.
As far as buying parts cheaper, that's not as easy as it once was. Piper now sells its parts through Aviall, a national parts house. You may find the parts you need through an internet search, or used from a salvage yard but they will have to be inspected in accordance with the AD prior to installation.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'No main alternator breaker?' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi, I'm sorry it's taken a while to answer this. I distinctly remember typing out an answer to this question.
There's no way Piper sent your out the door without an alternator circuit breaker. All electrical circuits, especially ones capable of handling 60 amps, are required by regulation to have circuit protection.
In all the manuals I have for the PA 28 series airplanes, there's a 60 amp circuit breaker. I suggest you look at the circuit breaker panel; one of my Owner's Manuals shows the alternator circuit breaker adjacent to the alternator field circuit breaker in the main breaker panel.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Manuals' in the forum. 2 days ago

Welcome. I would first type your aircraft model in your favorite search engine; I found free copies of "Aztec Service Manual" and "Piper Aztec Parts manuals free by download. The free manuals are usually older manuals that may not contain all the information in the newest manuals but they are a good place to start. The same holds true for the engine manuals.
If you can't find what you want, Piper and Lycoming manuals can also be found on eBay.
If this plan doesn't fulfill your needs you can buy electronic versions of Aztec manuals from a Aircraft Technical Publications ( www.atp.com ) or by email at .


KnightLL2 thanked Kent in topic Rear Nav Light 2 days ago
JJ Schaffer replied to the topic 'New member' in the forum. 2 days ago

Congrats & welcome


JJ Schaffer replied to the topic 'New Member, Comanche 250' in the forum. 2 days ago

If by radios you are including the transponder then yes, go for the ADSB. If there is a standard transponder already in the aircraft then I would throw in some old radios and hold off on ADSB (depending on your budget)... the probability of you having unforeseen maintenance issues after the first few flights is high from having an airplane sitting around for years without being flown.. just my $0.02.
High wing to low wing makes very little difference after the preflight. Your insurance will likely dictate the min instruction hours before you can solo and before you can carry passengers. When I moved from a Cherokee & 172 to Comanche it took 4-5 hours to get my high performance & complex sign offs but insurance required 10 hours of training. A shot in the dark would be 10 hours of pattern work and maneuvers (not the cross country flight from CA to VA) for you to get the rust off your wings and get comfortable with the plane.

Good luck!


Peter Matrangola created a new topic ' Manuals' in the forum. 2 days ago

New member. About to purchase 76 Aztec F and would like to acquire maintenance manual and illustrated parts manual. Please advise best source for those items. Thanks, Pete.


Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'Rear Nav Light' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hi Lydell. Try Mike at Wilco.

(316) 943-9379


ROYCE TURNER shared a photo. 3 days ago

Love my Warrior...Flew it across the country summer 2018

Lydell L. Newby II replied to the topic 'Rear Nav Light' in the forum. 3 days ago

Here you go.


CHRIS STATER replied to the topic 'Flight Planning Software - What do you use?' in the forum. 3 days ago

Kick starting this topic...
I have used Garmin Pilot for about 8 months now and like it primarily because it supports Android (my phone) and IOS (my iPad). I also thought that it might make integration with installed avionics tighter - if I install more Garmin products. Though that is the trap Garmin is hoping I fall in...I'm considering other options especially with other 'glass panel' options available - Avidyne, Bendix, etc.

I must say that I do like the Garmin Pilot interface - though it is what I have become accustomed to and haven't really tried other options. It is really nice that all setup moves between my phone and iPad transparently.

Anyone out there have Avidyne IFDxxx GPS Navigators installed? Pros? Cons? The yet to be released BendixKing AeroVue Touch looks intriguing at approx. $13K...

Would love the collective wisdom of the group!!!


CHRIS STATER replied to the topic 'New Member, Comanche 250' in the forum. 3 days ago

Welcome to the Piper club!! I'm new as well and looking to connect with other Piper owners!



CHRIS STATER shared 3 photos in the N726BB album 3 days ago

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Pete Castine replied to the topic 'Cracks in webbing of main landing gear trunnions' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it. My Arrow is a 1971 S/N P28R-7135208.

Here are some pictures of the MLG trunnions.

The part numbers are:
67926-00 TRUNNION ASSEMBLY - Main gear, left 1
67926-05 TRUNNION ASSEMBLY - Main gear, right 1
My first goal would be to save these parts; as you can see the cracking is very minor. Considering the amount of material to be removed as your diagram showed, removal of some material from these to dress the cracks should be inconsequential. We will contact Piper (again) to get their take - we contacted them previously but had no response.

In addition, the Arrow requires a removal and inspection every 500 hours of the main sidebrace bracket assembly to comply with an AD. My time has come...and apparently it’s a bit of a job to remove these brackets. My A&P mentioned that if the brackets are replaced by those from a PA-32, then they will not require inspection again. The part numbers he provided me are: P/N 95643-06 / -07 /-08 / -09. I’ve found some new, but they are over $2,000 each! Any assistance locating some reasonably priced alternatives would be greatly appreciated.