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Revised AD for Clipped Wing Cub

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We are revising Airworthiness Directive (AD) 99-01-05 for certain aircraft equipped with wing lift struts. AD 99-01-05 required repetitively inspecting the wing lift struts for corrosion; repetitively inspecting the wing lift strut forks for cracks; replacing any corroded wing lift strut; replacing any cracked wing lift strut fork; and repetitively replacing the wing lift strut forks at a specified time for certain airplanes. AD 99-01-05 also required incorporating a ''NO STEP'' placard on the wing lift strut. Since we issued AD 99-01-05, we were informed that paragraph (c) had been misinterpreted and caused confusion. This AD clarifies the intent of the language in paragraph (c) of AD 99-01-05 and retains all other requirements of AD 99-01-05. We are issuing this AD to correct the unsafe condition on these products.

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