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Cub Aileron Hinge Bracket

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broken aileron hinge PA-16

November 2014-

We've received reports on these aileron hinge brackets that attach the aileron hinge support to the false spar in 6 places. Extensive corrosion is typical, as well as cracks in the bend. There has been at least one report of complete failure.

The part number may vary depending on the model of your airplane. however, the installation is typical of all high-wing Piper models.

There may or may not be an inspection access point adjacent in the skin.

The failures so far do not show an immediate safety concern warranty airworthiness action, failure has led to visible vibration that could eventually lead to a flutter or fatigue issue.

There are PMA parts available.

Please pass along to any operators, groups, etc., you may be aware of.

Thank you,
G. "Keith" Noles
FAA Aircraft Certification Office

Area of interest (diagram taken from SB 165)

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