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2009-CE-067-AD Correction to AD 2010-13-07

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This document makes a correction to AD 2010-13-07, which was published in the
Federal Register on June 23, 2010 (75 FR 35619), and applies to certain Piper Aircraft, Inc. Models
PA-32R-301T and PA-46-350P airplanes. AD 2010-13-07 requires you to replace V-band exhaust
couplings, part number (P/N) Lycoming 40D21162-340M or Eaton/Aeroquip 55677-340M with an
improved design Eaton/Aeroquip P/N NH1009399-10 or Lycoming P/N 40D23255-340M. In the
Summary and Discussion sections of the published AD, we incorrectly stated that the AD requires
replacing any spot-welded, V-band exhaust coupling with a riveted, V-band exhaust coupling instead
of stating the specific P/N to be replaced. Also, in the Cost of Compliance section, we incorrectly
stated that Model PA-32R-301T airplanes, instead of Model PA-46-350P airplanes, are equipped
with two of the affected V-band clamps. We are issuing this document to help eliminate any
confusion that this AD may have created.

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