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FAA-2010-1295 Turbine Inlet Temperature

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We are superseding an existing airworthiness directive (AD) that applies to certain
Piper Aircraft, Inc. Models PA-46-310P and PA-46-350P airplanes that are equipped with a Lewis or
Transicoil turbine inlet temperature (T.I.T.) gauge and associated probe. That AD currently requires
cleaning, inspecting, and calibrating the T.I.T. system; replacing any T.I.T. system that fails the
calibration test; repetitively replacing the T.I.T. probe on certain airplanes; and inserting a copy of the
AD into the pilot's operating handbook (POH) for certain airplanes. This new AD retains the actions
required by the previous AD (AD 99-15-04 R1), adds certain Model PA-46R-350T airplanes to the
Applicability section, expands the applicability to include other T.I.T. systems, and incorporates new
service information. This AD was prompted by the manufacturer revising related service information
and adding an airplane model to the list of affected airplanes. We are issuing this AD to prevent
improper engine operation caused by improperly calibrated T.I.T. indicators or defective T.I.T.
probes, which could result in engine damage/failure with consequent loss of control of the airplane.

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