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Piper Flyer webinars are offered free to all interested. Topics include maintenance and flying tips to help you get the most from owning and flying your Piper.

Upcoming FAA WINGS-eligible Webinars with Kevin Garrison

05/27/21 4 PM Pacific

Fuel Management - Source, Force, Course.   


Dates and times to be announced for June and beyond.

  • June: Weather Decisions “I've Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now”
  • July: Know Your Limitations “Airplane and Personal— There are Limits”
  • August: Landings Equal Takeoffs
  • September: How to Prepare for a Checkride or Flight Review. “Nobody Wants to Bust”

Past webinars can be viewed on the Piper Flyer YouTube channel. Like and subscribe!

or on the Piper Flyer videos page