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Flight Training

  • September 2015 What are you waiting for - it's free! While I am confident some of you may disagree with me on this subject, it is my firm belief there has never been a greater time to be a pilot
  • A brief walk around Alaska’s online aviation weather camera program. May 2015- A few months ago, the FAA announced the deployment of its all-new Aviation Weather Camera program. I was curious, so
  • April 2005- Back when the idea was first born a good number of years ago, the concepts known collectively as “cockpit resource management”—CRM, for those of you who enjoy acronyms—was suddenly the
  • February 2005- There is no flying decision harder to make or more second-guessed than aborting a takeoff. It is the most time-critical choice you make in the pilot’s seat and it has some of the
  • January 2015- Ugh. Here we go again. Every two years I ask myself the same question: What would my idol, the venerable Lyn Freeman, do about my upcoming flight review? I've been following
  • October 2014- Though it is rare, it does happen. It happened to me just last
  • July 2014- I have one student who uses his plane to go from Palm Beach to Marsh Harbor every other week; another who goes to Asheville N.C., once a month or so. These owner pilots can certainly get
  • March 2014- When I looked up at the all-glass attitude indicator, for a moment I wasn’t quite sure what I was staring at. Instead of a nice horizon line separating a blue sky and brown terrain, the
  • With the increasing use of single-engine aircraft for actual IFR flight, it is important to understand and properly maintain the pneumatic system that operates the gyroscopic instruments. Reliable
  • November 2005- If you operate your aircraft into large busy airports, this comment from the tower controller has almost become a cliché. “Caution wake turbulence,” your trusty government employee
  • October 2005/ It is the mildest of weather conditions facing pilots, and yet it can be the most deadly. It creeps in on "little cat's feet" but can make even the most expensive airliner or business
  • September 2005/ You might think that this season of the year is an unusual time to have a discussion about aircraft icing. Not really. All you have to do is climb a few thousand feet, enter some
  • August 2013 Jacob Eiting is an innovator and a broad thinker. He works as a software engineer by day, creating learning games in Spanish and other languages, and at night, he runs a service-side
  • June 2005-  One day I was out shooting approaches from Long Beach, Calif. airport. Judging from the blimp on the ground, the winds were not strong. However, by the time I was ready to go flying,
  • May 2005-  If you have been wondering where I have been the last few months, the answer is, “out flying.” In the last 60 days I have logged just under 150 flight hours in a variety of aircraft,
  • October 2010 -  EAA has a winner with its Young Eagles program. Besides being a fun, feel-good activity for everyone involved, the program is making strides in growing the population of pilots and
  • May 2012   Flying Wild Alaska on the Discovery Channel and Alaska Wing Men on National Geographic Channel have raised bush flying awareness. This article is to help pilots get started learning and
  • January 2005 If you have a midair collision it isn’t going to happen like it does in the movies. It won’t be a head-on, high-speed thing like those dogfight passes in “Top Gun.” It won’t be a
  •  August 2004 Well here comes summer once again. If you are based east of the Mississippi, that means high temperatures and low flight visibilities, thunderstorms and high density altitudes. Here in
  •  September 2004 After years of work, the FAA has finally issued a new rating category, targeted at lowering the cost of flying. Called the Sport Pilot Certificate, this new rating is specifically
  •  August 2004 No doubt you have read a multitude of editorial on the subject of the Go/No Go decision. In reality, it should probably be called the Go On/Not Go On decision, since Go/No Go implies
  • November 2004 - Seventy percent of runway incursions happen to General Aviation pilots. Getting lost at an airport when you are trying to taxi is not limited to GA aircraft, it is just that there