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  • Seminars, Camaraderie, Food, Fun, and a Bus Ride to AirVenture! For nearly two decades, Cessna Flyer and Piper Flyer Association members have made a pilgrimage to Waupaca, Wisconsin the weekend
  • Steady improvements are rewarding PFA website and forum users with a great membership experience. April 2015- This PFA website column is published in order to alert you to recent changes in and
  • PFA member Scott Sherer reports on what’s new and of interest to Piper Flyers this month. February 2015- We recently upgraded our PFA website’s software. If you visit PiperFlyer.org and experience
  • January 2015- The raffle prizes given away at the Gathering at Waupaca are typically a tangible item, such as avionics and other aircraft products. But occasionally there is a different sort of
  • December 2014- One of the great things about websites is they rarely stay frozen in time.Because we want members to have the best and most timely resources available to them,PiperFlyer.org is
  • June 2004 – The Cessna Flyer Association is launched. We set up shop in Jennifer Dellenbusch's basement at "The Ranch" in Iola, Wis. Sawhorses and 4x8-foot boards fill in for desks. Our first
  •   March 2014- For those of us that are Piper Flyer Association (PFA) members, we get it. For the cost of several gallons of Avgas each year, we’re members of this great organization. The value