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Seat Belt Retractor Saga

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January 2012


As we were flying along one day, my wife, who was PIC that day, said, “We need to do something with this shoulder harness. It’s ugly and crunchy.”

Well, our airport was to be closed for two-and-a-half weeks to resurface the runway. What better time to actually get the retractors rewebbed? Should be simple, we thought, as there are several aftermarket companies that will do it and return the units in seven days.

So, my wife Pam and I loaded up some tools and headed for the airport. The decorative cover over the retractor came off easily with only three screws to remove (and avoid dropping). There was only one nut to remove to free the retractor. Easy—not. No matter what we tried, the nut and bolt turned together.

Maybe you have to take the mounting bracket off the aircraft bulkhead? So we tried to loosen those three screws; no joy there, either.

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