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Questions and Answers – Acrylic Windshield Repairs, a Leaky Compass

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February 2012

 Q: Hi Steve,

I haven’t been flying my Piper Pacer very much lately. Money is tight, and Avgas is expensive right now. I do tie my Pacer down outside.

I was out there with my broom brushing the snow off of the wings, tail and fuselage when I accidently whacked the windshield with the broom handle. I hit it right next to the snap vent. (The snap vent is in a two-inch hole in the lower left corner of the window. —Ed.)

Now I have a big crack radiating out from that hole. It’s about four inches long.

I called one of the local A&Ps for some advice. I flip-flop between this guy (who is competent at inspecting the must-do items, and does a good job of assessing the general health of the airplane) and getting aircraft repairs and advice from a more established and better equipped shop located 50 miles away.

Anyway, my tailgate guy—I’ll call him Larry—told me that it’s okay to sew up the crack with safety wire. Is he kidding? I’ll replace the acrylic windshield eventually, but right now, sewing it up would be much more affordable. Can I legally sew it up?



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