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Questions and Answers – Replating a Spinner, Tire Woes and Auto Gas

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April 2012


Q: Dear Steve,

I have a tire problem. Actually, it’s more of a pilot error problem. I am the proud and happy owner of an Archer III. This is a good airplane for me because it’s simple, it performs well enough for what I want, and doesn’t cost a whole lot to maintain.

I almost always fly by myself. Not always; I enjoy flying Young Eagles flights, and am planning to sign up to do Angel Flights as soon as my new business gets going.

However, I’m going through tires like Starbucks goes through a Seattleite. I just can’t seem to keep my feet under control while landing in crosswinds, and the airport I fly to most often always has a crosswind. I get worried and nervous because I have locked up the left brake—and scraped off hundreds of dollars’ worth of tire rubber—three times now.

Do you have any suggestions?

—Gotta ‘nother flat one

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