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Questions and Answers – Anthology

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July 2012

This month, we’ve compiled some of the most useful tips from Q&As published in Piper Flyer over the last year. The questions and answers you’ll see here are abridged; refer to the original publication for complete information, including photos, drawings and company resources. —Eds.

Q: Dear Steve,

I just replaced the starter on my PA-28… again! The starter teeth didn’t disengage from the ring gear after the engine started. What’s the solution?

—Tired of Buying Starters

A: Dear Tired,

If all you burned up was the starter, you dodged a bullet. Bendix-type starters stick on Lycoming engines. There’s two reasons.

The first is lack of proper lubrication of the screw-shaft the Bendix assembly rotates on. Either your technician didn’t put a shot of silicone spray on the shaft at the last annual, or rain, dirt and airborne schmutz contaminated the front end of the shaft at the front bushing.

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