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Questions and Answers – Engine Preservation, Cherokee Takeoff Difficulties

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August 2012

Q: Hi Steve,

I need some advice on how to preserve my airplane. I own a nice Piper Comanche 250 that I have put a lot of money into over the years. It’s just the way I want it and it’s as comfortable as an old carpet slipper.

Here’s the problem: I’ve signed a three-year contract for a good paying job overseas and I won’t be home except for very short periods. I have the Comanche in a hangar so it will be out of the weather, but I’ve heard that the Lycoming engines are very susceptible to corrosion damage if they aren’t flown regularly.

My goal is to fulfill my contract, then return home and take up flying my Comanche where I left off. Give me some tips on long-term airplane preservation.

—Going Away

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