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August 2005-

Have you ever wondered where those, one-eyed brown gremlins, commonly referred to as rust or oxidation come from? These growing creatures can destroy an aircraft faster than a student pilot on his maiden flight.

Corrosion, to quote Advisory Circular 43-4A, is the “electrochemical deterioration of a metal because of its chemical reaction with the surrounding environment.”

Corrosion will occur more often in moist than dry climates. In the United States corrosion areas are mild to moderate along the West Coast. The Gulf Coast states along with the Southeastern coastal states range from severe to moderate. Northeastern states range from extremely severe to severe. Parts of the Midwest range from mild to negligible. The rest of the United States is negligible in corrosion.

One of the many reasons the boneyards are located in the desert is because that is where the humidity is well below 60 percent, where aircraft are less susceptible to corrosion.

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