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Q&A: Stuck Exhaust Nuts, and a Shaky Airplane after Annual

Published in Maintenance & Technical.

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Q: Hi Steve,

My mechanic just called me to say that the exhaust nuts are stuck on the studs on my Lycoming engine. He said the nuts are very eroded and he can’t get good gription on the nuts since the corners are eroded away.

He told me that he had tried grabbing the nuts with Vise-Grip pliers but is afraid he will break the studs off flush with the cylinder, so he wants me to authorize pulling the cylinders so he can send them to the local engine shop to have the studs removed and new ones installed.

This seems like taking a long road to get to a nearby destination. Can you suggest a surefire method of removing these studs without removing the cylinders?

—Bad Studs

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