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Restoration on a Budget: Door Handle Replacement

Restoration on a Budget: Door Handle Replacement

Published in Maintenance & Technical.

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Door Handle Replacement

Cost: Two-door Piper: less than $100
One-door Piper: Less than $50
Complexity: Simple
Time Required: 15 minutes
Applicable Airplanes: PA-28, -32, -34

Before I take my Seneca in for painting, the exterior needs to be in great condition.

This quick and inexpensive project was a piece of cake to accomplish.

March 2015-

I’m always restoring something on my Seneca II and talking about my experiences on the member forum at I just celebrated my 10th anniversary of owning this airplane and I’m slowly moving toward getting the airplane painted... but I’m rapidly running out of things to replace!
With the high cost of painting an aircraft I find myself doing all of these little projects first, but I’m finding that fewer people want to fly with me because—unfortunately and incorrectly—they equate airworthiness with paint condition. (Even more unfortunately, paint is about $15,000!) At least some of the other parts of my Seneca are new and shiny.
I did visit a paint shop once, where I received some sound advice. Before I take my PA-34 in for painting, I was reminded that the exterior of the plane better be as good as it can be. If the exterior isn’t in great condition, paint isn’t going to help it much. It would be like putting lipstick on a pig, as the saying goes.

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