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Hartzell's New Pathfinder Propeller Will Be Option on CubCrafters' New Nosewheel Cub

Hartzell's New Pathfinder Propeller Will Be Option on CubCrafters' New Nosewheel Cub

 CubCrafters has chosen two of Hartzell Propeller's next generation carbon fiber structural composite propellers as the sole options for the airplane manufacturer's new nosewheel NXCub, which is headed to certification and production.

"The Hartzell team is very pleased to continue our excellent and longstanding relationship with CubCrafters," said Hartzell Propeller President JJ Frigge. "The new NXCub has the opportunity of opening up backcountry flying to a much broader portion of the pilot population, and we are privileged to take part."
Hartzell's carbon fiber composite two-blade Trailblazer prop will be standard equipment 
CubCrafters' NXCub with 2-Blade Trailblazer
on the NXCub. Hartzell's newly certified three-blade Pathfinder propeller will be available as an option. Both propellers will be offered with a 76 inch diameter on the NXCub. Paired with CubCrafters new Lycoming CC393i engine on the XCub, these propellers continue a tradition of ever increasing performance for the CubCrafters and Hartzell relationship.
With updated aerodynamics and internal structure, the Pathfinder is quieter, smoother, and, like the popular two-blade Hartzell Trailblazer propeller, it is optimized for back country operations. The Pathfinder propeller with aluminum hub and structural composite blades weighs 44 lbs. and is a three-blade alternative to the reliable Trailblazer prop.
CubCrafters notes that the nosewheel-equipped NXCub is already selling well, and early customers have been excited about the new Pathfinder propeller option. With dozens of the new NX aircraft already sold and scheduled to deliver to over the next 12 months, Hartzell is committed to ramping up production of the Pathfinder to fulfill the need for this next generation of backcountry propeller.
CubCrafters President Patrick Horgan said, "Hartzell was the perfect collaborator as we went through this process. Backcountry flying is a part of their heritage. Working with a teammate like Hartzell, with their experience developing new aircraft with OEMs, was a rewarding experience and will give our customers an extra measure of confidence wherever they fly." 
About the NXCub
The added capabilities and value offered by the new nosewheel option are game-changing. The NXCub is easily convertible between nosewheel and tailwheel, so you really get two airplanes in oneA fast, modern, easy-to-fly, tricycle gear aircraft and a traditional big-tire tailwheel Cub together. Both are very capable STOL aircraft designed for the backcountry missions that CubCrafters' airplanes have always excelled at.
With an extremely robust trailing-link nosewheel assembly and large tundra tires as an option for the mains, the nosewheel equipped NXCub is capable of handling primitive landing strips and most off-airport operations. Landing loads on the nosewheel are transmitted to the airframe by a heavy duty truss designed just for this application, and the entire nosewheel assembly itself is a bolt-on option that can be removed should the owner want to convert the airplane to a tailwheel configuration. For more information on CubCrafters go to http://cubcrafters.com/
About Hartzell Propeller
Hartzell Propeller is the global leader in advanced technology aircraft propeller design and manufacturing for business, commercial and government customers. The company designs next generation propellers with innovative "blended airfoil" technology and manufactures them with revolutionary machining centers, robotics and custom resin transfer molding curing stations.
Hartzell Propeller and sister companies, Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, Quality Aircraft Accessories, and AWI-AMI (Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc., and Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.) form the general aviation business unit of Tailwind Technologies Inc. For more info on Hartzell Propeller, go to www.hartzellprop.com


As of July 01, 2020, Hartzell Engine Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of starter adapters for all Continental Aerospace Technologies factory-new, rebuilt, and factory overhauled engines. 

— Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) announced today that the company had begun a supplier partnership with Continental Aerospace Technologies to manufacture a line of starter adapters for current and legacy-series Continental piston aircraft engines. “As part of the new agreement, we have been working closely with Continental to complete an engineering transition of the current units,” Keith Bagley, President, Hartzell Engine Technologies said. “We have also completed the transition of production tooling and manufacturing to our facility here in Montgomery.”  “We are currently shipping the first two models of the new-generation Sky-Tec Starter Adapters for Continental IO/TSIO-360 and GTSIO (geared)-series piston aircraft engines,” he added. “And we are currently working through production readiness builds on units for the remainder of the engine models.” “Hartzell Engine Technologies’ Sky-Tec brand is the leader in starter and starter accessory systems. Continental recognized that we could update the performance of these units using our technology, and that’s exactly what we have done,” Bagley stated. “While the two new Sky-Tec Starter Adapters have seen some manufacturing improvements, you will see more significant upgrades in future product releases.” Bagley said that Sky-Tec Starter Adapters for the Continental Aerospace Technologies IO/TSIO-360 and GTSIO-series of engines are currently available for both the new product and aftermarket segments in North America through Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA), through Hartzell Engine Technologies international distribution channels, as well as through Continental’s master distributor, Boeing.

About Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC.

Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC is the leading OEM designer and manufacturer of aircraft cabin heating solutions and engine accessories, including turbocharging systems, aircraft alternators, starters and fuel pumps. These product lines are produced under the Janitrol Aero, AeroForce, Plane-Power, Sky-Tec, and Fuelcraft brands. For further information about Hartzell Engine Technologies and its products, please visit: www.Hartzell.aero 

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