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Hog Log 01-05

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January 2005


People involved in aviation are a friendly lot. At least we think we are. All you have to do is go to a pancake breakfast at a fly-in or sit around at Oshkosh to “feel the love.”

Over the decades that I’ve been in the flying business, both General Aviation and the airline world, I’ve noticed what an elitist, closed society we really have. I have been noticing this for some time but only recently have I become embarrassed by what a tight-knit snobby group of people we’ve become. As aviation businesspeople I submit that the very elitism that makes us think that over $300,000 is an okay price for a new single engine airplane may be our downfall.

Many of you are probably already saying to yourselves, “He’s not talking about me—my FBO/flight school is so friendly it is sickening.”

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