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Full Circle

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 Piloting Aspects inside the novel “Captain,” Part Three

Here is the promised ending chapter to our ongoing discussion of the piloting aspects lurking inside my latest aviation-themed novel “Captain,” which is available from the usual book sources in all e-book formats and also a print edition.

Again, I wish to remind Piper Flyer readers that there is no requirement to have read the novel to follow what is being discussed here and, for those who might get “Captain” sometime in the future, I’ll be disguising the material enough so that this article won’t spoil the novel for you.

To see parts one and two in this series, go back to the September and November 2012 issues of Piper Flyer. In them, we touched on using the radio and keeping airspeed where it needs to be (Part One), then we went on to rules, common sense, risks and wishful thinking (Part Two).

For our finale, let’s wrap it up with fear, panic, pilot drills and some useful cockpit techniques:

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