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Full Circle – Piloting Aspects Inside the Novel “Captain,” Part Two

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November 2012


As I mentioned the last time we met on these pages, several months ago my latest aviation-themed novel—“Captain”—was released in a print edition and also in all e-book formats. That novel was reviewed in the July 2012 issue of Piper Flyer, and now I’m sharing some of the “insider stuff” about the ingredients inside of “Captain.”

For a complete explanation of the whats and wherefores of this series of articles, go back to the September 2012 issue of Piper Flyer. But let me state again that nothing in this series requires you to have read “Captain.” If you have, you’ll be able to spot where the ideas, phrases and quotes are coming from—but it’s not a prerequisite.

Conversely, if you haven’t gotten a copy of “Captain” but intend to, nothing we’re going to discuss will tip off too much of the storyline or in any way diminish your future involvement in what happens to the passengers and crew onboard the ill-fated Trans-Continental Flight 3. To help keep the action veiled for future readers, when I’m quoting the text directly I’ll X and Z out character names and other significant clues.

Now, let’s get on to some piloting nuggets from those pages.

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