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Left Coast Pilot – A Lot More Flying Than I Expected!

Left Coast Pilot – A Lot More Flying Than I Expected! Featured

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April 2013

I ended my February column by saying that I expected to be flying a lot less, given my wife's cancer diagnosis. In fact, I'm delighted (and more than a little surprised) to report that I've been flying a lot: my logbook includes half a dozen entries so far this year, totaling no less than 5.9 hours in two very different airplanes. And before I go any further, the reason I've been able to fly that much is that Kate is doing very well. By the time you read this, her primary chemo will be over.

Now some random notes over the past two months...

January 21: Before Kate got sick I was actively working to fly more; that changed with her diagnosis. I managed to get in some touch-and-goes on New Year's Eve but that was it until Kate's brother Tom came to town. He drove with us to the University of California, San Francisco for chemo that week, and on the way home we talked about possibly doing a San Francisco Bay air tour. Tom also expressed interest in visiting Yosemite National Park (which we highly recommended).

A day or two later, Tom asked if an air tour of Yosemite was possible. I've done that before, but it's iffy—high terrain, frequently windy and turbulent. But we'd had an unusual weather situation here with a high pressure system and stable air mass. I did some checking and made no promises, but told him it was possible.

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