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Bumps and Circuits 05-05

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May 2005- 

“Making an airport outta a golf course was about the fairest thing I ever heard of.”

Our friend L.G. Poteet, South Texas rancher, pilot and part-time oil millionaire, finally found a way to get me to visit him. He invited me for a round on the nine-hole golf course he owns in the Glass Mountains between Alpine and Ft. Stockton, an area about 250 miles east of El Paso and 275 west of San Antonio, just past the end of the world.

As we were tying down our borrowed 172 at Alpine Municipal Airport, L.G. (which stands for Laverne Gail, but which only his momma can call him) strode out of Alpine Aviation dressed appropriately for Texas golf: Resistol hat, safari shirt and shorts and red Luchesse boots embellished with Texas A&M logo and fitted with spikes.

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