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Bumps and Circuits: Collecting Aviation Art in Miniature 06-05

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June 2005- 

I’d really like to have more aviation art hanging about. As a group, aviation artists have matured immensely over the past three decades to the point where it’s not just pilots, but the art crowd as well that is praising their work. Maybe those folks have more wall space than I do. Finding a spot to display a Keith Ferris print with a framed outside dimension of 3 x 5 feet is a problem at our house.

However, there is a way to maintain a huge art collection and keep it on a tabletop—collecting aircraft stamps. Now philately might not seem exciting to those used to hanging from the shoulder harness of an Aerobat, but it has its advantages: one can rarely get injured—except maybe for paper cuts—or even work up a sweat, annual inspections don’t cost anything, and such a collection may likely increase in value. And just like any hobby, it costs whatever you want to spend.*

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