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Full Circle: C-47A, Part Two

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July 2013

I had wrangled myself an invitation to see and fly a particularly historic C-47A…

(Note: The parenthetical passages are from Ernest K. Gann’s novel, “Island in the Sky.”)

Last time we were together (May 2013) I wrote about aviation books that have meant a great deal to me. One novel was not only a great inspiration in my teenage and very early years of learning to fly, it was also the emotional engine that caused me to reach out so many years later and finally live the dream that those magic words on that novel’s printed page had evoked and nurtured.

The novel was Ernest K. Gann’s “Island in the Sky.” I instantly loved the book, but I absolutely adored the movie that followed it. The novel (1944) and subsequent movie (1953) chronicled the story of a World War II transport downed in the Canadian wintertime wilderness, and the film is chock-full of fabulous flying scenes.

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