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Heading Bug: Are We Fooling Ourselves about Flying’s Future?

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August 2013- 

Before you begin reading this column I feel that I should warn you that it does not have a happy ending. But maybe the ending has not yet been written. Maybe the ending is for you to create in how you react to what you read, and what—if anything—you do about it. I tried as I wrote to see the glass half-full rather than half-empty, but I fear that I failed in that hope… and the glass itself may be leaking.

For many years, being a pilot—and the awareness that comes along with that role—and the flying of airplanes (especially my own airplane) has been a source of passion, learning and joy for me. But of late I have found the passion waning and the joy surfacing less and less often.

After I recognized what I was feeling, I decided to explore the phenomenon here in words as thinking things through by writing about them has always helped me.

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