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Push To Talk: Traveling Backward

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January 2015-

I am proud to say I am a child of the 1960's.

Who could have had a more exciting time to grow up? We had the Beatles; The Rolling Stones; Crosby, Stills and Nash. We grew our hair long, we ran naked in the woods, we explored philosophy and religions from other worlds.
We were also troubled about so much of the world going on around us. There was the Vietnam War, civil rights, the environment—that's just the beginning of the list—and we took all of it on.
We marched, we protested, we sang, we voted—and most of all, we stepped up. Many of the changes in and improvements to the world today had their genesis in the 1960s. And that's a fact.
The 1960s were also a good time for little airplanes. I got to interview Grace Slick, lead singer for the Jefferson Airplane. We didn't talk so much about rock 'n' roll, but instead about a special time she remembered flying in a small airplane in the 1960s.

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