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The Little Shop around the Corner

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April 2005-

I always look forward to trips to the Million Air FBO at St. Paul Downtown Airport, KSTP. Walking in from the ramp entrance thru the lobby near the front door is the most enchanting pilot shop called appropriately, "The Pilot Shop."
They have something for every pilot. The reading book section draws me in every time to see what is new. There you will find hard to find copies of books by Robert Buck, Richard Bach, Antoine de Exupéry and other classics. In fact, I purchased so many new books on my last visit that they had to ship my purchases home.
The technical section has many excellent volumes to help pilots advance their skills. One book that caught my attention was "GPS for VFR Pilots." I agree with the author that GPS in not for IFR flying only and this book strips away the IFR mumbo jumbo for those who prefer to fly VFR only.
One wall has many different styles and priced headsets. After losing more hearing than I prefer to admit, I now wear an Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Headset. It really don't matter which ANR unit you choose. Just do it before you lose your hearing.
I have used a number of different headsets before finally settling on the Bose X headset. I second Tom Block's recent remarks about this good but pricey Bose X model. I sit in a Citation Excel up to eight hours out of a 14-hour duty day wearing a Bose X headset. My ears do not get sticky and the headband does not create hot spots on the top of my head.
Finally, how many of us see the little inquisitive eyes looking up when we return home asking "What did you bring me?" Million Air's soft cuddly collection is strong enough to melt any parent's heart.
If you looking for a pilot shop check out Million Air Pilot Shop, 515 Eaton Street St. Paul, MN 55107 St. Paul Downtown Airport (KSTP) Telephone 651 209-2711

Charles Lloyd has logged 7,900 hours since his first flying lesson in 1954. He worked for Cessna Aircraft in Citation Marketing and Finance for 16 years. Charles' current day job is as a captain for a major fractional aircraft ownership company.

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