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Full Circle: Mission Change

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March 2005

Astute readers of this column will notice that, effective this month, we’ve got a change at the very top. The new title for this section of the magazine has become “Full Circle” because it will more accurately describe where my aviation head is at and where I expect it to be for the foreseeable future.

I will, to stretch this metaphor ad nauseam, be going “full circle” with much of the material that I’ll be covering from this point on—but I’ll have more specifics on those changes in next month’s column.

This month, I need to talk about other, more immediate alterations that deal with the past and the present. My partner and I have decided to sell our light twin, the totally restored Piper Turbo Aztec that I’ve had for the past five-plus years. The reasons for selling are varied, but it basically boils down to two: my partner has some health considerations that need to be dealt with, and, for both of us, the intended mission assignment for our wonderful light twin has been altered drastically by the changes in our lives.

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