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Piper Aircraft’s New President Talks to Piper Flyer

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February 2012

 Piper, once synonymous with the Cub that most non-aviators think is the archetypical little airplane, hasn’t made that aircraft or any of its variants since 1981.

The company left Lock Haven in 1984 for Vero Beach in Florida, although the Piper Aviation Museum still makes its home in Pennsylvania, and each June since 1985 Pipers and their pilots descend on William T. Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV) for the “Sentimental Journey” fly-in there.

Aficionados even intensely discuss the firm’s early history in order to establish the birthday to celebrate for the company that built, and continues to build, the airplanes we choose to own and fly.

Where shall we begin to count? Do we start with the Taylor Brothers’ founding in September 1927, or the day William T. Piper bought out C.G. Taylor in 1935, or in November of 1937, when for the first time it was called Piper Aircraft Corporation?

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