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Piper Aircraft Timeline

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November 2012


1925-1926  North Star Aerial Corp. founded at Rochester, N.Y. by Clarence Gilbert and Gordon Taylor using a restored Curtiss Jenny

1928  Moved to Bradford, Penn. and formed the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Co. (TBAC)

1928  William Thomas Piper Sr., an oil man, joins the TBAC Board of Directors

1928-1930  TBAC produces the side-by-side A-2, B-2, C-2 Chummy aircraft

1930  D-1 glider made

1930  TBAC bankrupt, W.T. Piper Sr. purchases assets and renames it Taylor Aircraft Co. with C.G. Taylor as Chief Engineer; 50-50 ownership

12 Sept 1930  E-2 attempts to get airborne with Tiger Kitten engine supplied by the Light Manufacturing and Foundry Co.
                        The engine engenders the name “Cub”

23 Sept 1930  E-2 Cub flies with pilot Bud Havens, Salmson engine

March 1931  First E-2 Cub with Continental A40 engine

1931  E-2 production commences. Also F-2, G-2 and H-2

1931  Walter Jamoneau joins Taylor Aircraft Co.

1935  J-2 Cub designed by W. Jamoneau whilst C.G. Taylor is away ill

December 1935  W.T. Piper Sr. and C.G. Taylor split, Piper buys out Taylor’s half;
                  C.G. Taylor sets up Taylor-Young Co. in Ohio (later Taylorcraft)

March 1937  Bradford factory burned to the ground

June 1937  Taylor Aircraft Co. moves to an abandoned silk mill at Lock Haven, Penn.

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