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TRIG Avionics Spring Special

TRIG Avionics Spring Special

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Start the flying season with a Trig Avionics spring promotion deal. As the weather starts to improve the flying season is getting underway. Right now Trig Avionics is offering a Spring promotional deal that will enhance your flying experience and serve as a great investment for your aircraft.

Customers looking to update their stack radio in certified aircraft should consider the Trig TY96A stack VHF radio. Packed with pilot friendly features, at only 1.3” inches high this slimline 760 channel radio will take minimal space in your avionics stack. The list price of the TY96A is $1,895, but for a limited period Trig is offering a $100 discount to customers.

Trig products are ‘Better by Design’the TY96A features a superior user interface, high resolution display and built-in two place intercom. The Dual Watch feature allows the monitoring of two frequencies and the popular ‘Say Again’ function provides instant play back of the last transmission – removing the need to ask ATC to 'say again.’ A database can accommodate over 250 frequencies and identifiers, via the front panel USB port. The convenience of this feature allows pilots to create and load their own personal frequency list, with no subscription fees, simply using a CSV file.

Many pilots are equipping with ADS-B and Trig provides solutions for both certified and uncertified aircraft owners. 

All Trig products are supported by a two year warranty (from date of installation) and U.S. based technical support. To find your nearest Approved Trig Dealer go to www.trig-avionics.com

Last modified on Thursday, 13 September 2018 20:08

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