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Bose Introduces the New Proflight Aviation Headset

Bose Introduces the New Proflight Aviation Headset

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Lightweight, Comfortable, Three Levels of User Selectable Active Noise Cancellation

April 10, 2018 - Bose, a leader in premium aviation headsets, introduced its new active noise cancelling headset for the flight deck, the Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset. Designed for the professional pilot, the ProFlight is the industry's smallest, quietest, and most comfortable active noise cancelling communication headset, and joins the acclaimed Bose A20' in the company's aviation headset line.

With more than 30 U.S. design and utility patents, the Bose ProFlight  Headset  features a lightweight and comfortable in-ear configuration, three user-selectable levels of active noise cancellation and a Tap Control for Talk Through communication function that allows pilots to hear anyone on the flight deck that is not connected to the intercom -  without  removing the headset  or an earpiece. The ProFlight Aviation Headset is FAA TSO C139a and EASA E/TSO C139a certified, a requirement that is increasingly important for many airlines and corporate flight departments.

"We've spent over thirty years researching and developing active noise cancelling technology," said Matt Ruwe, senior product manager for Bose Aviation and Military headsets. "The ProFlight Aviation Headset is the culmination of that experience and knowledge, and through the application of proprietary Bose technology, provides a real solution to many of the challenges pilots of crewed and turbine powered aircraft face."

ProFlight Broadens the Bose Aviation Headset Line

Now pilots can choose the headset that is best suited for their  flight  environment:  the  A2O' Aviation Headset, which is ideal for louder noise environments, and which provides the most noise attenuation available from Bose for the aviation  market, or the new Bose ProFlight  Aviation Headset, which is designed for the lower noise environments and unique needs of pilots who fly in airline flight decks and corporate jet aircraft.

New Form Factor, Enhanced Features, Three Levels of User-Selectable Noise Cancellation With an on-head weight of only 4.9 ounces, the Bose ProFlight  Headset  features a forward­ thinking form factor that combines a lightweight headband for  stability  with an ear  bud configuration that rests lightly yet securely in the bowl of the ear, allowing the headset to be worn comfortably for hours at a time.

Designed to deliver clear audio and communications, with or without an intercom, the ProFlight also provides three user selectable levels of noise cancellation, allowing pilots to optimize the performance of the headset to their unique environment. Additional features, such as a quick release, side-swappable down cable and microphone, Bluetooth' connectivity, and Tap Control for Talk-Through communication, address the unique challenges present for pilots flying larger business jets and commercial turbine powered aircraft. The ProFlight Headset delivers on its core mission of providing clear communication, active noise reduction and a comfortable fit, but also adds many features that are industry first's.

"The ProFlight delivers a combination of noise reduction, communications clarity and comfortable fit. But it also addresses some real and long standing problems professional pilots have had to deal with for years" said Ruwe.

Pricing and Availability

The ProFlight Aviation Headset will be available worldwide and sold in the U.S. for $995.95. Initial customer deliveries will begin the last week of May, 2018. ProFlight will be sold through select authorized Bose Aviation dealers, www.bose.com/proflight, Amazon (U.S. only), select Bose retail stores in North America, and toll free at 1-800-242-9008.

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