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Aviation Creations's Aluminum Door Strap End Plates

Aviation Creations's Aluminum Door Strap End Plates

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Are your door strap end plates broken, loose or barely hanging on? Now available; a high-quality chrome plated PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic end plate that has a superior design over the original. This direct replacement for your Piper PA-28-140,-180 and -235 series aircraft is available from Aviation Creations.    

For only $35.00 + shipping you’ll have a great looking replacement.  Easy install; one screw will hold it in position. You’ll be pleased at the difference a small detail can make to the look of your interior. 

Give your plane that first class look.  Once installed, owners just love them, no more issues,

Let’s support our own manufacturers. Piper Flyer recommended!    


For more information contact:
Aviation Creations
Ron Matta 


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