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Keep Aviation History Alive this Christmas, Choose from 7 Aviation Gift Ideas

Keep Aviation History Alive this Christmas, Choose from 7 Aviation Gift Ideas

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Have you ever wanted to step over the velvet rope in a museum and inspect an aircraft up close? Aviation Relics invites aviation enthusiasts to not only touch – but to own a swatch of fabric from 7 famous aircraft in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum. Their site is offering aviation relic prints with 4-square-inch swatches of the original wing fabric – preserved from restorations by the Smithsonian and authenticated by them. The perfect Christmas gift for anyone interested in aviation.

Certificate of Authenticity
One of their relic prints depicts the 1911 Wright Vin Fiz – the first aircraft to fly coast-to-coast with 70 landings and 12 crashes en route from New York to California. The pilot, Cal Rodgers, finished the flight at Long Beach with crutches strapped to his battered Wright biplane. The aircraft was a “flying billboard” with VIN FIZ – THE IDEAL GRAPE DRINK painted on the underwing and tail. Vin Fiz was a grape soda company that sponsored the flight. It’s a little-known story – and a nice collectible from the early days of aviation..   
Wright Vin Fiz Print with Original Fabric
Another print includes wing fabric from a U.S. Navy flying boat famous for the first trans-Atlantic flight in 1919. The Curtiss NC-4  was an impressive aircraft with a 126 foot wingspan and crewed by five naval aviators and one U.S. Coast Guardsman. Four of the flying boats began the flight – only the NC-4 survived. The 100th anniversary of this aviation first will be celebrated next year. A great Christmas gift choice for any Navy or Coast Guard man or woman.
Curtiss NC-4 Print with Original Fabric

Other relic prints in the collection include 2 aircraft known for important “first flights” – a World War I German fighter – a World War I bomber built in Dayton, Ohio – and a beautiful 1914 French monoplane. All have been restored and are now part of the Smithsonian collection in Washington, D.C. These aircraft made aviation history – their goal is to preserve it.

Visit the Aviation Relics website and choose from these seven collectibles for the pilots, clients and aviation enthusiasts on your Christmas list. 

Website: www.aviationrelics.com


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