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skyBeacon STC: Signed, Sealed, Delivered & Shipping Now

skyBeacon STC: Signed, Sealed, Delivered & Shipping Now

05 December 2018 | Published in Latest News.

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Replace the left wingtip light for 2020 compliance 

Nov. 28, 2018 – The day has finally come: uAvionix has received STC approval for skyBeacon.

SkyBeacon is a zero-install ADS-B solution that mounts in under 10 minutes and offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any ADS-B Out solution. SkyBeacon features ADS-B Out, a WAAS GPS, altitude encoder, LED nav light and LED strobe. In addition, it has the largest Approved Model List (AML) of any UAT ADS-B Out solution, with 272 aircraft listed.

What if my airplane isn’t on the AML?

Even if your aircraft is not on the AML, you’ll have no trouble getting skyBeacon installed in your Part 23 aircraft based on the lead STC/AML. The FAA created a policy to make it simple to use the lead STC to install ADS-B Out equipment on additional Part 23 airframes. (Part 23 includes most General Aviation aircraft.) This policy was designed to keep ADS-B installs moving smoothly and make things easier for your installer.

Will it fit on my airplane?

This is the generally the hardest question to answer, since we don’t have the details of every aircraft wingtip shape out there, and we don’t know if your aircraft has been modified with upgraded wingtips, etc.

We’ll need your help with this one. We have provided a to-scale mounting template ( Print it out and check for yourself. Please let us know if it works for you, so we can answer the question for the next pilot.

Wingtip fairing adapters

We do have some additional adapters to make skyBeacon more applicable to more aircraft. We’ve developed two wingtip fairing adapters.

These adapters will be available shortly for only $100 each. We expect to be shipping these by the end of 2018.

Does skyBeacon qualify for the FAA rebate?

Yes, skyBeacon qualifies for the $500 FAA rebate. Make sure you get yours while funding lasts. We’ve put together a helpful guide on claiming your rebate from the FAA. The details are available here:

I’m on the pre-order list. When will I see my skyBeacon?

uAvionix has been been ramping up production on skyBeacon and will be shipping all pre-orders received by mid-November 2018 by the end of the year. If you’ve placed a pre-order, you should have received a personalized email from us. We need your help to prepare your skyBeacon order.

We’ve created a form to gather your aircraft information so we can make your skyBeacon install as smooth as possible. (Note: This is applicable only if you’ve ordered directly from uAvionix. You will need your order number to complete the form.) The survey form is available here:

What about tailBeacon?

One thing we’ve learned from all of your questions is that tailBeacon is going to be very popular. One reason for this is that there is some uncertainly of whether skyBeacon will fit your wingtip, and a second reason is because you may be looking for symmetry with a matching right-side light.

tailBeacon is coming, but has been delayed due to the delays for skyBeacon. We’ve communicated previously that tailBeacon is a spinoff of the skyBeacon certification—so necessarily, we needed to complete the STC first. tailBeacon is the next priority.

We still expect to achieve the tailBeacon TSO by the end of the 2018, but the STC will likely push into early Q1 of 2019. The STC strategy will leverage heavily the Non-AML installation process detailed above. We will get there, but if you are anxious about reserving your $500 rebate while the FAA funding still lasts, your best bet is to go with skyBeacon.

I didn’t pre-order. How do I order skyBeacon?

Order skyBeacon directly from uAvionix for $1,849, or order from one of our trusted resellers. These include Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, Dallas Avionics, EDMO, Gulf Coast Avionics, iFly GPS, Pacific Coast Avionics and Sarasota Avionics.

TSO orders placed before Nov. 28, 2018 are now shipping in the order received. Orders placed after Nov. 28, 2018 will ship January 2019. New orders will be released Jan. 2, 2019.

To order skyBeacon, visit

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