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Shock Wheel TM : Greater Safety for Backcountry Pilots and Flight Schools

Shock Wheel TM : Greater Safety for Backcountry Pilots and Flight Schools

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Shock Wheel TM: Greater Safety for backcountry pilots and flight schools 

- 3.2’’ of Oleo-pneumatic absorption

- Bolts onto standard spring gears in 2 hours

- For aircraft up to 1430lbs

- Tested at 4G

- Anti-roll system included

- 6.5lbs per side

- The Shock Wheel is a patented system

Available for: Rans S6/S7 – Zenair - G1 - Savannah - Magni Gyro - Bristell XL8 - Pipistrel Sinus/Virus - Aerospool Dynamic - Nynja/Skyranger

STC for DA40 NG : complete Wheel and Brake upgrade

-Tubeless wheels : greater safety and weight saving

-High performance brakes for shorter rolling distances

-Positive pedal response - Progressive braking action to prevent tire lock ups

-Reliability : Improved lifetime of pads-discs and maintenance free bearings

Complete ALG / Wheels / Brakes / Master cylinder upgrade STC for Piper PA-18

Wheels/Brakes : High energy rating for “heavy” cubs - Wheels fully CNC machined from high grade aluminum billet - Bolt-on replacement - Maintenance free sealed ball bearings & anti-corrosion stainless steel disc

6" wheel/brake kit for Alaskan landing gear: STC available

6" wheel/brake kit for original landing gear: STC pending

10" wheel/brake kit: STC pending

Alaskan Landing Gear : High efficiency LG with oil/pneumatic shocks, no-rebound and anti-roll shocks - 12 inch damping travel - for high energy dissipation - Strong design for bush use (3G proof tested) - Lightweight, high strength aluminum (2024)

Heel brake master cylinders : Braking power – positive pedal response – reliabilityCNC machined from billet aluminum for higher strength and lower weight - pedal mounted on ball bearings - integrated brake fluid reservoir - bolt-on installation, no modification required 


The US entity of BERINGER got its FAA PMA Approval, allowing it to work with the FAA directly and own BERINGER FAA STCs

More to come soon…

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