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Hartzell Engine Technologies Reintroduces the Sky-Tec 149/122NL 12-Volt Starter for Lycoming Engines

Hartzell Engine Technologies Reintroduces the Sky-Tec 149/122NL 12-Volt Starter for Lycoming Engines

10 September 2019 | Published in Latest News.

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Designed specifically for 12-volt systems, the 149/122NL delivers exceptional reliability in addition to offering popular Sky-Tec features like the Kickback Protection System

MONTGOMERY, ALA., Sept. 3, 2019 — Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) have announced that the company has reintroduced its lightweight Sky-Tec starter specifically for 12-volt electrical systems.

“As the number-one lightweight replacement for legacy Bendix-drive style units, our 149/122NL starter has been extremely popular with Lycoming operators for a long time.”

It was originally approved to work with either 12- or 24-volt systems,” explained Keith Bagley, President, Hartzell Engine Technologies.

“But that flexibility came at a cost—we have learned that when operated in a 24-volt system, the convertible unit does not provide the durability our customers deserve.

That my not be an issue for low-cycle 24-volt system users like homebuilders, but it has proven to be a major issue when they are installed in certified aircraft with 24-volt systems,” he said.

“Flight schools in particular have reported ongoing reliability concerns with convertible starters used in 24-volt systems.

We are confident that by realigning the 149/122NL starter specifically for 12-volt systems, it will eliminate those reliability concerns,” Bagley said.

“Customers will just have to make sure they are using the correct 149-series starter for their application. Failing to do so will void the warranty.”

Bagley stressed that the newly reintroduced Sky-Tec 149/122NL is a dedicated 12-volt starter and the 149.122NL/ec is specified for 24-volt systems.

The Sky-Tec 149/122NL lightweight starter is FAA-PMA certified for non-geared Lycoming piston aircraft engines. It has Sky-Tec’s Kickback Protection System (KPS) featuring a field-replaceable shear pin, all-metal gears and steel ball bearing races.

The 149/122NL is the most popular replacement for legacy Bendix-style in-line starters and weighs just 9.4 pounds.

Bagley said that the company has prepared a Service Letter containing guidelines pertaining to the specific installation parameters for the Sky-Tec 149/122NL 12-volt starter. A copy of that Service Letter is available at:

For more information about Sky-Tec starters, visit

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