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Mtn View Aviation granted FAA STC approval for the Piper PA32 and PA34 Rear Passenger doors.

Mtn View Aviation granted FAA STC approval for the Piper PA32 and PA34 Rear Passenger doors.

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 The popular Door StewardTM gas spring modification by Mtn View Aviation was recently granted FAA STC approval for the Piper PA32 and PA34 Rear Passenger doors. This added installation joins existing installations applicable to the Piper and Beech main cabin entry door.  Piper PA32 models known as Cherokee Six, Saratoga, Lance and 6X and the Piper PA34 Seneca.  These aircraft owners had been requesting a version for their aircraft rear door for some time.  The original version for Cessna aircraft was developed in 2002 by David Paradis because of the frustration and observation of pilots and passengers who were repeatedly nagged by unexpected door whips in even the slightest wind gusts.  Since introduction, over 16,000 of the Door StewardTM kits have been sold all over the US and internationally.  The modification utilizes a modern inert gas spring attached to the door frame and the door with stainless steel brackets.  When the door is unlatched the door gently but firmly, opens and holds the door in the full open position.  Closing the door compresses the gas spring again.  The force is not such that it is hard or uncomfortable to latch the door; in fact it closes and latches quite naturally.  The location of the gas spring is orientated to keep it out of the way while entering or exiting the aircraft.  On the Piper PA 32 and PA34 rear door version, the gas spring is attached to a bracket riveted onto the lower forward corner of the door sill and a bracket bolted and riveted to the bottom of the door. All Door StewardTM versions are FAA-STC approved and come with complete documentation, installation, maintenance, parts listing, continued airworthiness requirements, FAA Form 337 and a 2 year warranty.  This new version is now contained in an installation kit part number B40C10-12 and lists for $240.  Typical installation time is approximately two hours.  The new part number kit contains all parts and instructions to install the Door Steward on the main cabin entry door of Piper models 23,24,28,30,32,34,39,40, 44 or main cabin entry door on the Beech models 33, 35, 36, 55, 56, 58 or 95. And now in addition to the previous applications, the Piper PA32 or 34 rear passenger door with the inclusion of a couple more parts.  The Mtn View Aviation website at www.mtnviewaviation.com has additional information on all the installations and a secure online order site.  Installation kits are available through several aviation parts companies such as Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, Knots 2U and Skygeek. Contact Mtn View Aviation at 1800- 837-0271 (503-981-4550) or email

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