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Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems and Aithre Announce Agreement to Bundle  Products with Aerox Portable Oxygen Systems.

Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems and Aithre Announce Agreement to Bundle Products with Aerox Portable Oxygen Systems.

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Aithre and Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems today

announced a collaboration agreement to integrate Aithre

wireless monitoring technology into Aerox’s line of portable

oxygen tanks for general aviation users. The agreement also

establishes Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems as an authorized

distributor for the entire Aithre product line. Under the terms

of the agreement, Aerox will be the exclusive bundler of the

Altus Meso wireless portable oxygen tank monitoring system

for new portable oxygen systems. Aithre and Aerox will also

cobrand the Aithre iOS tank monitoring app that links the

Altus Meso to any iOS device.

Aithre and Aerox have announced a special price for the Altus Meso of $149.99 installed on any

Aerox portable, plus the price of the Aerox portable oxygen system. The Altus Meso can be

added as an option to any new Aerox portable oxygen tank at the time of ordering so the user

can receive a ready-to-go, integrated package. The Altus Meso can also be ordered and

installed separately from Aerox and other authorized dealers for $195.00.

The Aithre Altus Meso wirelessly pairs to your iOS device to display tank pressure, flow rate,

and time remaining of any portable oxygen tank. The Meso weighs just a few ounces and is

plugged into any oxygen tank using the included high-pressure Tee-fitting. The Meso can be

powered directly with a USB port. A battery pack is included and can be attached to the outside

of the tank and is recharged using a standard USB cable.

The Aithre iOS app displays constant reading of key parameters so the pilot has instant

knowledge of the status of their oxygen system. A built-in pressure altimeter allows reminders

to the pilot when oxygen use is required by FAA regulation, and includes a reminder to shut off

the oxygen tank after landing. The Meso wirelessly integrates with avionics using the Shield

EX-3, which is being installed in factory Vans, Sling, and Glasair aircraft. Also available is

SPO2 and pressure altitude trend information directly on the Oxygen trending graph on the iOS


“Aithre is committed to developing integrated technologies for high altitude flying to help pilots

better manage risks.” Commented Aithre founder and CEO Jim Ruttler. “The best way to

deploy our integrated technologies is to provide them to pilots as a bundled package at the point

of sale to make it easy for users to purchase and to install. We are proud of our relationship

with Aerox and that they have chosen the Aithre Altus Meso to bundle with their portable oxygen


“Jim and I are both active pilots and right away we understood the benefits of allowing pilots to

bundle the Altus Meso system into their purchase of any Aerox portable oxygen system,” said

Scott Ashton, President and CEO of Aerox. “We both believe that a portable oxygen system is

the single most effective “bolt-on” modification a pilot can make to their airplane. Even at

altitudes as low as 7,000’, having oxygen on board can make pilots and their passengers more

alert and less fatigued.”

Jim went on to say that nearly every airplane flying now has some level of connectivity in it and

pilots are using technology to make flying safer and to enhance situational awareness. That

same benefit can now include the pilot’s health through monitoring of CO and oxygen levels

using connected technologies such as the Altus Meso, Shield CO detectors, and the Illyrian

Smart Oximeter.

About Aithre:

Aithre, prounounced “eye-thra” is Greek for “blue skies”, or “pure air”. Aithre was founded by

Jim Ruttler, who serves as President. Jim is a patent attorney and has an MBA and a bachelors

degree in neurobiology. Aithre technology was developed to improve the safety of flight at high

altitudes where oxygen is low and risks are high. Through innovation, we've created wearable

oximeters, portable and installed CO detectors, and oxygen pressure monitors that are enabled

for wireless continuous monitoring on iOS, Dynon Skyview, and Garmin G3X.

About Aerox:

Aerox ® is a leading designer and manufacturer of aviation oxygen systems and accessories for

business and general aviation, helicopters and EMS, and . Since 1981 it has provided the

aviation industry with innovative solutions for all oxygen needs, and it provides a complete line

of systems, parts, and accessories for fixed wing and helicopter OEMs. Aerox ® Aviation

Oxygen Systems, Inc. was the originator of the long duration oxygen system in 1981 by creating

a product that offered duration six times that of a standard system. Aerox’s trademarked product

remains the only long duration oxygen system on the market today that is designed specifically

for use in aviation. Aerox products are available from

approved distributors and by visiting www.aerox.com.



971-3 N Main Street

Ketchum, ID 83340

(208) 481-8310


Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems, LLC

25190 Bernwood Drive

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

(239) 405-6117

(860) 866-6750


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