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Airforms Offers Replacement Parts for PA31

Airforms Offers Replacement Parts for PA31

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Continuing their program of providing replacement parts for popular aircraft models, Airforms, Inc., is offering PA-31 owners new engine baffle kits for the PA31-310, the PA31-325 and the PA31-350. The assemblies include all metal parts required along with new seal material to insure excellent air flow to all parts of the engine. They are also offering new cabin door latches to replace worn or bent door latches.

One of the benefits of installing a new engine baffle kit is that the FAA has accepted the new baffle seals as an Alternative Means of Compliance (AMOC) to terminate the 50-hour seal inspections required by AD93-23-13. Each Kit includes a copy of the AMOC letter from the FAA’s Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office (ACO).

Airforms replacement parts for all type certified aircraft are considerably less expensive than parts purchased from the original manufacturer.  To learn more about Airforms’ Engine Baffle Kits, and their replacement door latches, visit Airforms.biz or call 1(907) 357-8244.


Last modified on Monday, 09 May 2022 19:33

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