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The 18th Annual Gathering at Waupaca Sponsors

The 18th Annual Gathering at Waupaca Sponsors

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The 18th Annual Gathering at Waupaca 2022 Sponsors


Platinum/Bus Sponsors


Tempest Plus: https://tempestplus.com/ AirVenture Booth 3021


Univair: http://www.univair.com AirVenture Booth 1001


Platinum Sponsor

Wentworth: https://www.wentworthaircraft.com/ AirVenture Booth 2087


Silver Sponsor

Teledyne Battery: www.gillbatteries.com  


Bronze Sponsor

Eagle Fuel Cells: www.eaglefuelcells.com AirVenture Booth 3103


T-shirt Sponsor

Continental Motors: http://www.continentalmotors.aero/ AirVenture Booth 229


Goodie Bag Sponsor

Tanis: http://www.tanisaircraft.com/ AirVenture Booth 286


Banquet Sponsor

Smooth Power https://smoothpowerllc.com/ AirVenture Booth 3144 (with Electroair)


Proud Supporters

Assured Partners: www.assuredpartners.com/aerospace AirVenture Booth 459

City of Waupaca: https://www.cityofwaupaca.org/

VREF: https://vref.com/

Door Prize Sponsors

Aero LEDS: https://aeroleds.com/ AirVenture Booth 3032

Aerox: http://aerox.com/ AirVenture Booth 1133

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/ AirVenture Booth 1022, 476

B.A.S.: www.basinc-aeromod.com AirVenture Booth 3147

CamGuard: https://aslcamguard.com/ AirVenture Booth 3099

Concorde Battery: http://www.concordebattery.com/ AirVenture Booth 2053

David Clark: http://www.davidclarkcompany.com/ AirVenture Booth 3092

Earth X Batteries: www.earthxbatteries.com AirVenture Booth 3159

Great Lakes Aero Products: http://www.glapinc.com/

Hartzell Engine Technologies: www.hartzell.aero AirVenture Booth 1112

Icom: http://www.icomamerica.com/en/ AirVenture Booth 2027

J.P. Instruments: https://www.jpinstruments.com/ AirVenture Booth 1071

McFarlane: https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/ AirVenture Booth 3131

MyGoFlight: https://mygoflight.com/ AirVenture Booth 1035, 4044

Oasis Scientific: www.oasisscientific.com AirVenture Booth 3102, 4044

Precise Flight: http://www.preciseflight.com/

SCS Interiors: https://scs-interiors.com/

Sporty's: https://www.sportys.com AirVenture Booth 260A

Strutwipe: https://www.strutwipe.com/ AirVenture Booth 1147

Superior Air Parts: http://www.superiorairparts.com/ AirVenture Booth 257

Uavionix: https://uavionix.com/ Booth 195A, 3081

Wag-Aero: https://www.wagaero.com/ AirVenture Booth 1116 

Wipaire https://www.wipaire.com/ AirVenture Booth 162, SPB2

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