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New AMTI Gold “TiNi” and Stainless, Angled Tie-Down Rings and Tail Skid

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Aero/Mechanical Technologies. Inc. now offers Gold Color "TiNi" or Satin Buffed stainless steel, angled tie-down rings and thick Nickel-plated Aluminum tail skids with a Stainless Steel strike-plate, designed for ultimate strength for virtually all PIPER aircraft.

"The stainless steel parts have been on the market for ~5 months and are a step above the aluminum ones," said Noel Allen, MS Aero Engineer. "They're safe to over 230+ MPH wind ground speeds, coming at the aircraft from any angle, but especially from the side."

According to Allen, most planes tip over due to the tie-down strap becoming slack and the upstream strap and ring taking the full wind force. Old OEM rings point straight down to the ground, creating a very high bending movement. One can often see OEM-designed rings bent, twisted, or even broken off, he added. Such OEM rings experience high stress, low-cycle fatigue.

Conversely, AMTI's tie-down interface is a pinned type rather than a clamped type, so wind forces are directed down the strap towards the ground ring. AMTI's angled rings point in the exact same direction or angle, creating a tension-only reaction on the ring.

AMTI uses 304L, high-strength, hardened Austenitic stainless steel, with a breaking strength of ~100,000+ PSI- that's 4-5 times higher than the old OEM aluminum style. They are sanded, buffed, and polished to a high satin mirror finish. Corrosion proof, they make a great adornment to any aircraft.

Parts sell for $198 for two rings or $198 for one skid (add $36 more each for "TiNi"), with free stainless fasteners and free shipping. All parts are guaranteed for life. Lastly, a 3000 Lb tie-down strap kit with caribineers costs only $129. Visit www.aeromechtech.com . Parts can be ordered on page 5


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