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CA Proposition 65 Lawsuit Regarding Avgas Settled

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Alexandria, Va., Dec. 16, 2014 –

Last week, California FBOs and fuel distributors settled a 2011 lawsuit regarding the sale of leaded aviation gasoline brought by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH). CEH filed the suit under California Proposition 65, a ballot initiative passed in 1985 that requires businesses to warn individuals exposed to hazardous chemicals. The original lawsuit sought to prohibit the sale of leaded aviation gasoline and impose millions of dollars in fines and penalties on FBOs and distributors.

Under the agreement signed last week, the affected FBOs will provide warnings of lead exposure to individuals residing within one kilometer of the airport and pay a small settlement. National Air Transportation Association (NATA) assisted its members and others in the industry affected by the lawsuit to form a joint defense coalition.“We are pleased the matter is concluded and that California General Aviation and its related businesses are no longer threatened,” said Thomas L. Hendricks, NATA President and CEO. “100 low lead Avgas is currently the only fuel that allows the entire piston engine fleet to operate safely. We are working closely with the FAA as part of the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative and it is entering into an exciting period in the search for an unleaded fuel for General Aviation aircraft.”FBOs operating in the state of California and selling leaded Avgas not party to this suit now have the option of joining in the settlement to preempt future suits.

Affected businesses should contact Michael France at for more details

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