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NEW FAA-PMA Approved wheel and brake STC for Piper aircraft

NEW FAA-PMA Approved wheel and brake STC for Piper aircraft

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BERINGER has continued their efforts to provide quality STC installations on certified aircraft.  A slew of aircraft from Piper are the newest models to benefit from the innovative products.  The most recent models that are approved for the installation of BERINGER wheel and brake systems are the Piper PA-28 Archer and Warrior.  Additionally, certification testing has been successfully completed for Piper M-Class aircraft; the PA-46 Malibu, Mirage, Matrix, and Meridian.  For off airport performance, STC installations will soon be available for the PA-18 Supercub.

All STC kits include everything you need for a straightforward installation:

·         Main wheels and nose wheels with axles

·         Tubeless tires mounted on the wheels

·         Master cylinders for pilot and copilot

·         Stainless steel brake lines and fittings


BERINGER brake performance is markedly improved in comparison to other brake systems available on the GA market.  The proprietary friction material used for the brake pads coupled with a very specific manufacturing process for the brake disc results in a progressive rise in performance as the temperature rises during braking.  Tests have shown that this total avoidance of brake fade results in a stopping distance that is 30% shorter than original equipment.

Weight and Strength

BERINGER CNC machines all components from billet aluminum.  Machining from billet avoids the pitfalls of castings such as porosity and brittle failure.  CNC machining allows the wheels to be optimized for weight and strength.  What you are left with is a wheel with a high safety factor and low weight.


Multiple design aspects of BERINGER products reduce the maintenance burden.  The tubeless design precludes the occurrence of a pinch flat or blowout.  Sealed ball bearings do not require greasing or replacement.  Design geometry that is conducive to even brake pad wear and careful material selection ensures a long life for consumable components. 

Landing gear  


Never satisfied with the status quo, BERINGER is always working on creative retrofit solutions.  Development of a complete landing gear for the PA-18 Supercub has piqued the interest of many bush pilots.  The landing gear uses OLEO shocks instead of the traditional bungee suspension.  The 12” of vertical travel provided by the gear protects the airframe and occupants from the most aggressive approaches. 

You can find out more on these new products (availability and pricing) from BERINGER AERO USA, (864)214-4274,

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